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By Chef Therese Nelson of Black Culinary History.

When I thought about what I wanted to contribute to this year’s Kwanzaa Culinarians collection I knew immediately that I wanted to talk about Ujimaa. Its a favorite principal of mine because it suggests that if we recognize the stake we each have in our collective success then collaboration, resource sharing, and fellowship become natural, and the resulting work becomes exponentially more powerful.

This year we have seen phenomenal work from around the globe that has shifted the culinary zeitgeist in a game changing way. From culinary scholarship to crowd sourced culinary brands emerging, 2015 has given us so much to be proud of. The following is a year in review that highlights some of the best parts of the sea change we’ve seen in the world of black foodways.

The Black Chef Series over the summer hosted by Blujeen restaurant showcased black chefs from all over the globe. The series was a brilliant idea and some very cool chefs, from the organizing Chefs Lance Knowling,  Maxcel Hardy and Alize Bea to the one of my favorites Chef Hugh Sinclair, better know as Chef Irie of Taste the Islands, all did very good work, but the scene was completely stolen by my SisterChef Chef Elle Simone ofSheChef as the sole female chef in the line up. Not only did she scorch the earth with her gorgeous cuisine, she staffed her kitchen with a dynamic lineup of women chefs from across the country. Follow this link to watch her story and see how she turned that dinner out!