Letter from the chef

"My name is Lexis Dilligard, owner of Lady Lexis Sweets. I stumbled upon the chef life after a few unsatisfying yeas of being an accountant major at Baruch College. I took the leap and went to pursue my bachelor's in culinary arts. I attended Kingsborough CC. It was there where my teacher pointed out to me that I was really good at making desserts. I always loved desserts and that aided me in the flavor profiles I would create in class. I then decided to start selling cookies and cakes outside of my building in Harlem. I continued my studies at NY City Tech while I worked hard selling outside for about 5 months. With the helps of my mom, we fixed up a store around the corner and opened Lady Lexis Sweets November 16, 2012.

At Lady Lexis Sweets we create southern sweets like Charleston Bread Pudding with whiskey soaked raisins, banana pudding, peanut brittle, oatmeal Creme pies and much more. Since opening, we have worked together side by side being featured in many places and publications!

My specialty is souther sweets and I was trained in classic French Pastry Arts."